About hibiscus-seeds

All seeds in our offer come from own hybridizing. They are fresh and no older than twelve months. The seeds, which are older than one year, are offered in our sales category 'Discount' with lower prices.

Although we have harvested mature seeds, stored them properly and they are apparently healthy, we can give no germ guarantee. Seeds are a product of nature and many factors together lead to success.

Please note that the seeds must be nicked (at the round end) before the seeding.

If a seed is not nicked, no moisture can enter and the start of the germination process can be delayed by many weeks or months.

How to nick? It's not difficult. Just hold the seed with a fingertip or fingernail and press it against a non-slip surface.

Take a sharp knife, scalpel or cutter and hold it at a slight angle. This will prevent you from cutting directly into the embryonic tissue.

With a little pressure and small saw movements, remove now a piece of the seed coat.

Please be sure to cut the round end. In it are the leaves of the seedling. So if you cut too deeply into the embryo, you will not cause much damage.

Use a seed raising mix as substrate. For example, seed soil, mixed with some perlite. The seed should be covered with about 1 cm of substrate. 

Please pay attention, that the substrate should always be slightly damp, but never wet.

It's also recommended not to let the temperature of the potting soil fall below 25 degrees. Ideal are 26 to 30 °C. Sunlight is not needed. But a high humidity. We have had very good experience with a small propagator.

Germination time for nicked seeds can be between one and four weeks. Only very few take longer.

A seedling of a crossing may have similarities with the parents or look completely different. This results from the complex gene pool of these hybrids. So it's always exciting to discover how the new bloom will look like.

We wish you good luck! :-)